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“Aircell Intake Spacers, from the first day, gave me a half a mile to a gallon increase in fuel economy. I can't understand how anyone would not want to have it on everything they own.”

Rick Walker
R&J Walker Trucking

“My Aircell is doing just fine. I am noticing about a half MPG. I had my overhead run and adjusted and then removed the Aircell for 2 weeks and measured a 5.8 MPG. I then replaced the Aircell and with the approximate same weight and terrain measured 6.2 MPG. Thanks for checking up and for a great product.”

Terry Carter

“Hi Jeff, sorry it took me so long to get back to you…I have seen an increase in fuel mileage and power. Great product thanks so much!!!!! I have been telling other drivers about Aircell!!”

Jose Ramos

“It looks like I am getting from a quarter to half a mile per gallon increase.”

Lynn Peters

“We have 3 units which have installed [the Aircell]. All reports coming back have been positive. Min increase has been .4 MPG; one unit has gained .7 MPG. Performance has been increased also. All these units have C-15 CAT engines, but will be installing it on an ISX Cummins soon. I’m sure these owners wish to thank you due the cost saving they will be getting. I’m sure we will be telling others about your product. Thanks again.”

Wayne Karg

“I ordered your Aircell in April 2008, had it put on my truck. Also a Turbo 3000D was installed. My fuel mileage went from 6.2 to 7.1. “

Jennie Hodgson

“I put my Aircell on my ’99 Mack tonight, WOWWWWW-I NOTICED THE DIFFERENCE IMMEDIATELY!! I went from Scranton, PA to Carneys Pt., NJ, my usual Friday night run, going down the turnpike, there are several long steep grades where I would normally have to downshift a full gear or half gear, did not downshift at all. The power was amazing, it pulled with about 15 lbs. less boost at the same speed and RPM”…”It took about 5 minutes to install, it’s hard to believe how something so simple can make such a difference in performance.”

George Zukowski

“Thank you for your follow up after a few months to check back with me. The mere fact that a company makes a true effort to get feedback from its customers on the performance of its product says a lot. So many products out there for the trucking industry claiming to improve MPG are nothing but modern day ‘snake oil’.”…”In my opinion the Aircell has and IS helping our fuel consumption. I cannot imagine getting 6 MPG or better with our current driving conditions without it.”

Chris Dobson

“I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your product. I own a KW T600 with a Cat C-15. I pull flatbeds with an average load weight of 47,000 lbs. Before I installed the Aircell I was averaging about 5.7 to 5.9 MPG. Now that I have installed the Aircell my MPG is averaging 6.4. Great product.”

Dan Halpin